3 General Rules That Will Double Your Wealth

3 General Rules That Will Double Your Wealth

3 General Rules That Will Double Your Wealth
“Wealth is created when we use exiting resources in new ways. Since such creativity is virtually limitless, wealth is too."

This is a quote from the book “Healing our World, The Other Piece of the Puzzle” by Dr Mary J Ruwart.  Her conclusion is that we have the exact same natural resources that our ancients had 2000 years ago. Even the wealthiest of ancients did not have many things we take for granted. A greater number of people than ever before now enjoy a lifestyle that our ancestors could not even imagine. Our wealth has increased greatly.
Create your world
Take a look at your resources! The realization that resources do not limit the creation of wealth is a liberating one. Your wealth does not depend on your imagined boundaries, but on your creativity.You create your world!

How do you create your business? Is your business growing or shrinking? (It never remains the same) Why did you get into your business? Is this all worth it?  These are all questions that business owners and great employees have to ask themselves.

When we look at technology we see that this is one of the ways to increase wealth. But there is a downfall to technology. Much of us look at technology for technology sake. How do I use social media to grow my business? Should I even be spending time on social media? Am I getting the biggest bang for the buck with all my advertising? How can increase my net profit? There are so many questions that we ask ourselves that we become paralyzed from to make a decision. However here are 3 general rules that we need to consider when you want to DOUBLE YOUR WEALTH!
  1. We can start on a number of projects but the project we focus on is the one that gets done
  2. Technology can bring benefits if, and only if, it reduces a limitation.
  3. Technology can produce profit if, and only if, the technology reduces the limitation on the profit flow.

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