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Who is Ghost Chili Promotions

Ghost Chili Promotions is an affiliation of independent promotional products professionals who believe in the power of dimensional marketing and all the dimensions of marketing that make promotional programs perform..

We have combined our talents, expertise, and experience to offer you creative AND EFFECTIVE marketing programs to INCREASE YOUR SALES!

Cumulatively, we have won over 60 creative trade and agency awards. 

Although the businesses of our individual members may vary, we all adhere to a singular vision - that the right message(s), delivered at the right time, will deliver the right results.


In consulting with one of our long-time customers about creating a new sales incentive strategy for her reps, she hit us with an incredible bombshell - less than 20% of her reps (good reps) were going to make quota that year. And her company wasn't an exception - it was the norm.

Her company needed a better way to get
face-to-face with clients and prospects

In today's business climate, there are tremendous challenges to penetrating new accounts.  It has always taken 7-10 'touches' in order to build rapport or trust with your prospects.  Between gatekeepers and cyber-fences, it's become even tougher.  Cold calls, drop-ins, drop-offs, and yellow pages don't work anymore, and buying lists may get you the right name (10% of the time) but you still have to get in front of them.

Getting your name in front of your customer and staying in front of your customer is key. You know that.  So you create a program to do just that ...but it's not consistently executed by all your reps. You need to increase revenue without having to hire more salespeople OR replacing nonproductive ones!

There must be a better way to shorten the sales cycle!

...and the idea for the Ultimate Marketing Machine™ and Ghost Chili Promotions was born. Why the name Ghost Chili Promotions? Well, only the hottest pepper on the planet could match the hottest marketing vehicle on the planet!

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We start by asking you the tough hard questions that can help us then recommend to you the best, wisest, most appropriate, and most ROI-promising ideas, using a form called a “Lifecycle Marketing Planner or “LMP.”

Request your Lifecycle Marketing Planner

This is where definition and potential success begin!

Before you spend valuable marketing funds on rudderless products, ask for a copy of our LMP, complete it, and then submit it.

Let us take a look at what your challenges, objectives, and strengths (and, yes, weaknesses). Of course, confidentiality is guaranteed.

The form is free…and the resulting “intelligence” you’ll gain — if only from being faced with marketing questions you may never have addressed — will be priceless!


After we get your completed LMP (Lifecycle Marketing Planner) or its sister TSQ (Trade Show Planner), we then develop a detailed outline of the program we recommend, including a cost estimate and step-by-step 'directions.' Experience has taught us that for any program to be successful, it must be directed right from the start!

We use the information you provide -- with all due and necessary confidentiality -- to not just craft a program concept but set the steps to direct and manage your program to successful and profitable implementation.

You see, we don't just offer you powerful ideas and the promotional elements to go with them, a detailed and directed Ghost Chili Promotion includes all of the services and attention needed to make the program work -- pre-established and pre-approved program aspects that let you know when and how your promotion will be directed, who will direct it, and the targets to which it will be directed.

Equally important, though, is the fact that the direction of your campaign is guided by promotional ideas that can work for YOU -- even if those ideas don't involve premium items.

In short, we are directed by what will achieve your objectives...and we direct our services to do just that.

Yes, we believe in promotional products. We admit it.

More to the point, though, we believe in providing you with full-service promotions that are directed toward accomplishing your goals, not simply selling you trinkets.

If your marketing budget isn't producing, maybe you should direct it to Ghost Chili Promotions ...and our free LMP or TSP?


Yes, we believe in the power of promotional products or, if you will, dimensional advertising. But that’s where our dimensionality starts. Our overriding directive is to look at all the possible 'dimensions' for achieving your goals. In short, we are not in the business of merely pushing a particular product or a particular service.

One way we do this is by providing the Pepper Post newsletter which offers you a glimpse at just some of the attention-grabbing creative marketing fun we like to have...and the money-saving pricing we offer. We like to think that The Post has given you some idea of the "dimensionality" of GCP.

The bottom line for us, as we may have said before, is your bottom line.

That's why we want to start with an LMP (Lifecycle Marketing Planner) or TSP (Trade Show Planner). Forgive us for repeating emphasis on the LMP or TSP, but those forms constitute a key "dimension" of our service...and a critical element in the development of a program that will work for you.

So when we say "dimensional," don't misunderstand. This isn't just about what some have called "lumpy mail." GCP is about exploring and qualifying and recommending the marketing investments that experience (and your LMP or/and TSP information) tells us have the best potential to succeed.

Ghost Chili Promotions thinks bigger and broader and...well, yes, more multi-dimensional!!


We will handle all the details for you — from creative to final implementation. Turnkey.  Just as importantly, our group's buying leverage lets us obtain items at off-book prices, giving us the power to also deliver unmatched cost-savings that go right to your bottom line!

That hasn't changed. In fact, over the past several months we've greatly expanded our buying power and developed mutually beneficial partnerships, so we can deliver even more cost-effective opportunities.

Ghost Chili Promotions is serious about that word "promotions" and all that it implies for your sales success and ROI.

Sure, we believe in the power of promotional products. But if that was all there was to GCP...well, UPS, FedEx, and the U.S. Postal Service deliver. For that matter, so does the pizza guy.

Our overriding objective is to produce and provide a program that, yes, delivers to your potential profitability -- whether or not that "delivery" includes tangible, "dimensional" advertising items.

Email? Web landing pages? Social media? QR codes? Trade shows? Mobile promotions?  Or even traditional print, outdoor, direct mail, broadcast, or collateral?


These and more are all "candidates" for your marketing mix, and we don't ignore or dismiss any of them in developing, proposing, and implementing (we hope) a campaign for you!

Our premise is simple: We want to deliver results (with double pepperoni and extra cheese, if that's what it'll take).

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