An Invisible Approach to Highly Visible Donations

An Invisible Approach to Highly Visible Donations

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Company: ALCASE (Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support and Education)
Objective: To boost lung cancer awareness and increase donations.


The Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support and Education launched a ribbon campaign that was clearly unique.

Increase donations with Ghost Chili PromotionsTo encourage people to register on the Alliance website, a free pin was mailed to anyone who registered. The mailing included a clear ribbon pin attached to an informational card reminding potential donors that lung cancer is invisible.

Additional distribution of the pin was achieved through physicians and nurses working with lung cancer patients raising awareness of the need for donations.

This program demonstrates the power of a simple promotional product to “clearly” drive home your message and increase your potential donor list with a simple call to action. Ask your Ghost Chili Promotions representative about successful programs to help non-profit organizations increase donations. Perhaps you should mention three simple words for this highly successful program…”Tag to Donate.” Are you curious?

Generated a 150% increase in donations!

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