Attract Key Prospects to a Presentation

Attract Key Prospects to a Presentation

Pepper Post from Ghost Chili Promotions


COMPANY: W.A. Roosevelt Company/Amana
OBJECTIVE: Attract key targets to a presentation

It's not easy to get target prospects to come to a live presentation. But the promotional effort and investment can be worth it, if done properly. W.A Roosevelt Company/Amana (WARCA) turned up the romance angle and won big.

During a 5-week period, 39 targeted clients received a series of five mailings. The first mailing set the stage with a mailer showing a section from a fictitious newspaper "The Amana Times," with the featured page displaying personal ads with some highlighted for the reader.

The cleverly written ads mentioned qualities that WARCA and clients would both value in a “long-term relationship.” Inside the box was a stainless steel Thermos® with the WARCA logo and two travel mugs.

A follow-up mailing contained a personality and compatibility survey. And finally, a third mailing included an invitation to “meet in person.”

Here again is a classic example of how a targeted dimensional promotional program -- yes, the kind of program Ghost Chili Promotions can develop, produce, and implement -- is able to produce to the bottom line!

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