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  • GEICO: Two Months Could Increase Your Business 14.3%!!

    ...From the Case Files... Company: GEICO Objective: To motivate GEICO Direct representatives and sales counselors to increase productivity and new sales during a two-month period. Strategy: Celebrating GEICO’s first year as a corporate sponsor of a Busch Series NASCAR racing car, the company launched a terrific tie-in sales contest with a NASCAR theme.

  • Jack Daniels Drives Consumers to Increase Sales by 46%!!

    ...From the Case Files... Company: Jack Daniels Jack Daniels’ company store is both marketing and sales. Consumers who could not shop at the brick-and-mortar Lynchburg General Store can purchase their souvenirs online.

  • Feeding the Sales Funnel!!

    ...From the Case Files... Company: Shipserv Objective: Improve the % of prospects moving thru the pipeline Strategy: ShipServ, a leading maritime shipping industry e-marketplace, had previously nurtured prospects via manual processes, but the company was unable to connect the dots and track activity in real time. “We had great email marketing tools, but they were unintelligent in terms of lead nurturing.

  • How did Orbitz Increase Trade Show Leads by 35%??

    ...From the Case Files... Company: Orbitz Objective: To drive trade show booth traffic and qualify leads. Strategy: Orbitz did an email blast to the pre-show registration list.