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  • Lead Nurturing that "Rings" 2000 New Lead Conversions!!

    ...From the Case Files... Company: RingCentral (a leading provider of cloud business phone systems designed for today’s mobile and distributed workforce) Objective: Reach, engage and create meaningful dialogues with prospective customers For years, the company operated purely on an e-commerce, self-service sales model. To support the company’s growth, multiple sales channels were developed and marketing outreach initiatives evolved to include email communications, landing pages, webinars, demos,...

  • Feeding the Sales Funnel!!

    ...From the Case Files... Company: Shipserv Objective: Improve the % of prospects moving thru the pipeline Strategy: ShipServ, a leading maritime shipping industry e-marketplace, had previously nurtured prospects via manual processes, but the company was unable to connect the dots and track activity in real time. “We had great email marketing tools, but they were unintelligent in terms of lead nurturing.