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  • Ista "Can Do" Trade Show Strategy Results in Big Returns!!

    ...From the Case Files... Company: Ista North America offers services for billing, customer management,hosted EDI, and on-demand information exchange for energy companies of any size. Objective: Increase booth traffic and leads from prior year, as well as increasing sales Strategy: Ista NA faced significant challenges for the Trade Show because the number of show days were shortened and the budget was decreased by 10 percent.The strategy developed for the best way to meet current and potential c...

  • Caution: Don't Run this Program if you Prefer Low Attendance at a Trade Show

    ...From the Case Files... Company: International Manufacturing Technology Show Objective: To increase pre-registration and overall attendance Strategy: Using poly bags and a well-chosen promotional item, the Association for Manufacturing Technology put the "word on the streets"—to be more precise the parking lot. Targeting approximately 100,000 individuals, the association placed poly bags containing car sunshades on the side view mirrors of every car in the parking lots of manufacturing facilit...

  • How did Orbitz Increase Trade Show Leads by 35%??

    ...From the Case Files... Company: Orbitz Objective: To drive trade show booth traffic and qualify leads. Strategy: Orbitz did an email blast to the pre-show registration list.

  • Mobile Technology, Events, and Conventions

    How Mobile Technology Can Help You Plan Conventions and Events                                       ….While mobile marketing commonly focuses on how its technology can be used to help sell and promote a service or product, the technology is by no means limited to sales. It’s also incredibly helpful when planning and scheduling; in fact, more and more people are taking advantage of this technology when...

  • How did EchoServ Gain $100,000 in Sales from One Promotion?

    ...From the Case Files... Company: EchoServe Objective: To increase trade show booth traffic and compel key prospects to linger just a little longer in the booth. At a medical imaging trade show, EchoServe tapped into the predominately male demographic by setting up two old-fashioned shoeshine stands.