Break Away From the Competition - Develop an Automated Strategy for Referrals!

Break Away From the Competition - Develop an Automated Strategy for Referrals!

 Break Away From the Competition - Develop an Automated Strategy  for Referrals!
It’s no secret: consumers today are less trusting of what companies say about themselves, they are more interested in the company proving their claims! That is why more and more companies are using testimonials in there advertising! This is a tactic you must have in your overall marketing strategy, but why not go for the most powerful of all strategies to build your business;WORD OF MOUTH with an Automated Referral Program! After all, you  trust your friend and relatives more than some online banner right?Referral Marketing Automation
Building a strong base of passionate advocates is critical to any business success at influencing new customers and increasing your highly profitable sales. Just one well-planned incentive can spread throughout the internet and old school referrals driving 1000’s of dollars in new customers to your business!
When building an automated program of referrals you must ask your self 3 questions:

1.     Why would my customers refer my business to their friends?


Your customers will not refer someone to you if they are just a satisfied customer. They have to have a reason to be a champion. If you are giving outstanding value, that is the first step to a great program.


2.     What effective incentives do I need to leverage my referrals?

Make sure you experiment with rewards that can range from cash, gift cards, merchandise, to charitable contributions. The incentive that you offer can make a huge difference in your ROI.


3.     What will be my sharing options, including email or face-to-face? 

Social media may be the hot channel everyone is looking for, but email or face-to-face are great ways to add to the offer.


4.     What measurement am I going to use to determine the ROI of my campaigns?

How do you define a win? Peter Drucker said “if you can't measure it, you can’t manage it”. Use a reliable system for tracking the referrals.


The campaigns can be a simple as asking for a referral at checkout or as sophisticated as the J Hilburn program. In just 45 days J Hilburn had more than 1000 advocates refer their friends. The referral program generated more then 10,000 social shares via Facebook, Twitter, and email. The program drove 600 transactions, which resulted in an additional $250,000.00 in sales. Now that is a campaign that works!


Why don’t you get 2014 off on the right foot and let your Ghost Chili Rep create your Automated Referral Campaign.

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