Caution: Don't Run this Program if you Prefer Low Attendance at a Trade Show

Caution: Don't Run this Program if you Prefer Low Attendance at a Trade Show

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Company: International Manufacturing Technology Show
Objective: To increase pre-registration and overall attendance


Using poly bags and a well-chosen promotional item, the Association for Manufacturing Technology put the "word on the streets"—to be more precise the parking lot.

Trade Show Promotions from GCPTargeting approximately 100,000 individuals, the association placed poly bags containing car sunshades on the side view mirrors of every car in the parking lots of manufacturing facilities in the Chicago and Detroit areas.

This approach tapped a previously untouched segment of industry individuals since most publications and other print advertising is typically targeted at management. The sunshade bore the International Manufacturing Technology Show logo and was accompanied by IMTS registration materials.

Consider the double promotional benefit: the sunshade, when in use, further advertised the show. Registration in groups of four or more was encouraged with the promise of a free IMTS cap, available on-site from the show store.


As a direct result of this grassroots promotion, pre-registration for the show was up 2.5 times the anticipated numbers. Expecting only 3,000 free caps to be requested, the association had to order 5,000 more by the end of the pre-registration deadline. The ATTENDANCE was off the charts!

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