Coaching Business Rockets Revenues 832% !

Coaching Business Rockets Revenues 832% !

Coaching Business Rockets Revenues 832%! 
In 2008, Casey had, as his wife called it, a "pee or get off the pot" moment and The Rocket Company was born. For Casey, starting his own business was the culmination of his life's passion: helping church leaders be better speakers, leaders and fundraisers.

The Rocket Company reaches church leaders worldwide with free downloads and paid resources and subscriptions. Since implementing Marketing Automation (MA), The Rocket Company has seen an 832% increase in revenue and evolved from worrying about paying employee salaries to distributing quarterly profit sharing.


More leads, more customers, less time.


Casey and his team use web forms to capture leads from a variety of sources, including social media, events, lead magnets and strategic partnerships. Thanks to smart tagging and automated action triggers, The Rocket Company's leads are automatically segmented and placed into warm-up sequences created specifically to address interest areas like preaching or giving.Happy Customers


With a better way to capture, nurture and convert leads in place, Casey has watched his customers grow from 43 to over 4,000 in just three years.


Simple online sales and subscriptions.


The Rocket Company sells their core coaching programs, subscriptions and digital products through the online storefront and order forms. They often get a boost by upselling additional products with promo codes or offering free trials, all through the software.


“I went in thinking MA was just software. But it is more than that—it's the salvation of small businesses. MA has changed my life!”


Freedom to do what he loves.


For Casey, running a successful business is only one dream. But thanks to Marketing Automation, The Rocket Company’s explosive growth enables Casey to have more time and money to spend on other passion projects, like opening a child survival shelter and taking more stress-free vacations with his family. 

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