Creating a Memorable T-Shirt Experience

Creating a Memorable T-Shirt Experience

Creating a Memorable
T-Shirt Experience  
I would bet that you have one or more branded t-shirts in your dresser or closet. Do you know that you will likely keep that shirt for up to 5 years? Pretty impressive for a simple t-shirt! 

Custom T-Shirt PackagingMaybe you received a t-shirt at last year’s company picnic or your favorite sports event. It’s always fun to receive an unexpected gift. Now imagine the impact if that t-shirt came in an out of the ordinary package or shape. Now your brand and the experience because far more memorable! 

Take your creative branded t-shirt and compress it into any shape or package. Do you have a product that is packaged in a unique way? You can use your actual packaging with a compressed t-shirt inside! 

Any branded t-shirt can be compressed into over 300 standard shapes or a completely custom shape. Remember these three easy steps to a memorable experience:
  1. Create an exciting t-shirt design.
  2. Choose a shape that fits your promotion
  3. Create eye-catching packaging

Sample pricing (below) includes 100% cotton t-shirt one color custom printed white t-shirt compressed, shaped and packaged with one full color process insert card.
144          250          500          1000 
8.28         7.35         6.67          5.82 

Set-up Charge: $106.25

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