Creativity Dispels Economic Downturn!

Creativity Dispels Economic Downturn!

Creativity Dispels Economic Downturn! 
Company:  Kinnunen, Central Oklahoma's one-stop Construction Tools and Equipment store. 

Objective:  Economic downturn in the construction industry inspired Kinnunen to implement this 3-month strategic campaign with the following objectives: 1) Establish customer loyalty in the face of new cut-priced competition.  2) Retain all current accounts as customers.  3) Maintain the same sales volume as the same period as last year. 

Strategy: Kinnunen employees first distributed "barking" sound buttons and a subsequent promotional item each week for 3 months.
After the initial distribution of "barking' sound buttons their customers beganKinnunen Promotional Case Study“barking” at the employees wherever they saw them, at the store, the post office, movies, etc.  When the Kinnunen rep showed up on the jobsite, the work crew would start barking. Each week the customers and work crews looked forward to the next promotional item.


Results:  Almost 10K promotional products were distributed during the three month campaign. 

Not one customer was lost during the 90 day promotion nor for five months after the promotion period! 

Kinnunen’s sales during the promotion period not only held at last year’s level, they increased 41% from the previous year in a decreasing construction economy.

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