Feeding the Sales Funnel!!

Feeding the Sales Funnel!!

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Company: Shipserv
Objective: Improve the % of prospects moving thru the pipeline


Increase sales percentage with Ghost Chili Promotions

ShipServ, a leading maritime shipping industry e-marketplace, had previously nurtured prospects via manual processes, but the company was unable to connect the dots and track activity in real time.

“We had great email marketing tools, but they were unintelligent in terms of lead nurturing. We could see if a prospect opened an email, but we had no way to respond based on their action. We’ve become better at improving the percentage of prospects that are moving successfully through the pipeline, and we need fewer contacts to satisfy our sales targets,” says John Watton, VP of Marketing.

ShipServ decided to implement a marketing automation solution last year. “We’re nurturing cold contacts and driving them to sales when they’re ready. We’ve increased our hit rate, and we also measure the productivity of our salespeople which is on the rise as well,” says Watton. “Marketing Automation is having a tremendous impact on our business because our salespeople are able to focus their time on the best opportunities.”


After implementing a marketing automation solution last year, ShipServ has seen a 150% increase in contact-to-lead conversion rate and a 225% increase in the volume of prospects that convert to sales opportunities.

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