Give Your Marketing a Jolt!

Give Your Marketing a Jolt!

Give Your Marketing a Jolt! 

Give your clients and prospects a product they can use with the Jolt Charger battery backup.  This economical charger is perfect for those on the go. “Empower” or “Give a boost” to your promotional campaigns.

This little battery backup will keep your mobile devices charged up. 

Branded Mobile Charger

The 2,200mAh internal battery has enough life to fully charge an iPhone.


The 5V/1A USB output means that it charges at the same rate of most wall chargers.


Includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable which can recharge the battery backup or be used to charge up devices with a Micro USB input like Android Smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, and others.

Includes a drawstring pouch for easy transportation and keeping your cables and charger together.

Colors Available:  Black, Royal Silver 

Dimensions:  3.75"H x 0.75" W x 0.75" L 

Pricing (one color screen or laser etch):  24-99 qty: $18.42; 100-149 qty:  $17.68;  150-249 qty: $15.38;  250-399; qty: $13.48;  400-799 qty: $12.48

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