How did EchoServ Gain $100,000 in Sales from One Promotion?

How did EchoServ Gain $100,000 in Sales from One Promotion?

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Company: EchoServe
Objective: To increase trade show booth traffic and compel key prospects to linger just a little longer in the booth.

At a medical imaging trade show, EchoServe tapped into the predominately male demographic by setting up two old-fashioned shoeshine stands. Booth personnel wore shoeshine aprons to reinforce the retro atmosphere.

While booth visitors were receiving complimentary shoe-shines (from professional shiners), they were presented with a custom-printed newspaper containing news articles that were actually EchoServe’s marketing messages.

The shoeshine allowed the prospect to sit down for a moment, detach from the din of the trade show, catch his breath and learn about EchoServe’s products and services and get a free shoeshine, too!

On leaving the shoeshine stand, the prospects were presented with logoed shoe polish, the custom “newspaper” and a branded tote bag to carry it.

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