How did Food Fair Stores Reduce Liability?

How did Food Fair Stores Reduce Liability?

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Company: Food Fair


To promote safety consciousness among employees and customers.

Safety Begins Here - Safety Awareness from Ghost Chili PromotionsStrategy:

The theme, "Safety Begins with Me," was projected to the target audience of 5,000 employees in the retailer’s 130 Florida outlets and warehouses by means of advertising specialties: Imprinted celluloid buttons, pocket protectors, metric rules and metric converters and pens.

Store managers and safety committee chairmen received Parker "Big Red" pens. Employee’s demonstration and interest in safety procedures were issued imprinted key chains, night lights and pocket tape measures.

Towards the end of the promotion, those employees with perfect (no-accident) records were rewarded with ceramic steins. Posters, bumpers tickers, decals, flyers and articles in the company house newsletter were used to support the promotion.


Promotional Products were, for the first time, credited with stimulating interest in the campaign. The retailer reported employee accidents were reduced by 22 percent, lost-time accidents were down 15 percent, and customer liability accidents were reduced nine percent..

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