How did Orbitz Increase Trade Show Leads by 35%??

How did Orbitz Increase Trade Show Leads by 35%??

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Company: Orbitz
Objective: To drive trade show booth traffic and qualify leads.


Orbitz did an email blast to the pre-show registration list. They placed the Tag2Spin PC version in a clickable link in the body of their email.

Tag 2 Spin Trade Show PromotionBy doing this, they were able to see who opened, read, and clicked through to play the game. Data captured on the registration form enabled them to further market the event.

By generating a spread sheet from the Tag2Spin Game reporting options, Orbitz gained over 200 new leads complete with names, addresses and opted-in email addresses of the people that played the game which was uploaded into their CRM system. Winners were instructed to come to the booth to collect their prize.


Besides the 200 new, warm leads generated from the pre-show campaign Orbitz had the Tag2Spin Game available to play in their booth at the show. They were able to gather another 700 new leads from visitors playing the game. This resulted in a 35% increase in ‘new contacts’ from the previous year’s show results. By the end of their sales year they assessed a profit in the high 5 digits attributable to the Tag2Spin Game used at their event. The ROI was off the charts.

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