How to Crack the Code of Trade Show Magic

How to Crack the Code of Trade Show Magic

How to Crack the Code of Trade Show Magic so you can Attract Customers and Patrons and Profit Wildly from Them? 

Trade Shows! Some businesses love them, some hate them…..but everyone of us have asked ourselves, "Is going to a trade show worth the time and money? Will a sponsorship get us the business we are looking for? Is it worth our while?"

Well, I can tell you one thing, according to a study from Trade Show News only 20% of the leads garnered from a trade show are properly followed up.  The remaining 80% is money just sitting there waiting to be picked up and added to your bottom line.

Most people are more concern with attracting traffic, but following up  properly  is just as important. So what is a proper follow up? Apply these secrets to follow up and you will get 2-4 times the number of deals from a batch of trade show leads:

  1. Send the Right Message….to the Right Market… the Right Time.Ghost Chili Promotions Attract Attention

  2. Overcome the cherry picking problem and the three types of leads…Red Apples, Green Apples, and Rotten Apples.

  3. Know this……Timing is Everything.

  4. Message your leads as inbound “Harvesting” not outbound “Hunting.”

  5. Maintain your lead as a living breathing customer in your database.

  6. Use education, repetition and variety in your follow-ups.

  7. Execute automatically.

The Trade Show season is upon us like it or not!  If you would like to dig deeper into developing an automated follow up program please click here to see our slide presentation “Fixing Follow Up Failure” Strategies to convert your lead graveyard into a gold mine.

If you would like to visit further about getting more out of your trade show, please contact your Ghost Chili Affiliate!