How to Encourage College Students to "Get Plugged In"

How to Encourage College Students to "Get Plugged In"

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Company: The Collegiate Network
Objective: Direct college newspaper editors to sign up for a new networking site while at their annual conference.

The Collegiate Network was planning the launch of a new social networking site at their upcoming annual conference. The logo was FuseBOX with the tagline "Get Plugged In." They were searching for promotional products to distribute at their conference that would encourage editors not only to visit the new site but also open a new membership. This is a difficult challenge with students who are already networking on their own sites.

Getting social with Ghost Chili PromotionsA QR code was incorporated into their logo to introduce new technology to an already tech-savvy audience that would encourage immediate participation. Posters were strategically placed to provide a list of top QR code reader apps so that students could immediately download their free app on their phones and had the QR code ready for the first scan. The result? Students got "plugged in" instantly on the new site.

Drawstring backpacks were placed on the back of each chair on the opening day of the conference with the QR code and logo. This would provide a place for students to keep newspapers that they would be exchanging as well as to create a buzz around the conference. Additionally a reporter's notebook was on their chairs to encourage note taking over the 3-day conference.

A QR code T-shirt was sent as a gift to each editor who signed up for new membership while attending the conference. Once they returned from the conference they received their T-shirt in the mail. This allowed the editors to demonstrate the QR code once again to their staff, again driving them to the new site. This promotional product took membership to the next level because the editor's staff began to sign up for their own memberships.

This promotion clearly demonstrates the power of a multi-dimensional approach to motivate a recipient to the desired call to action. Isn't it time you got "plugged in" to this type of powerful marketing program?

71% accessed the site during the conference
To date 100% membership participation!!

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