Ista "Can Do" Trade Show Strategy Results in Big Returns!!

Ista "Can Do" Trade Show Strategy Results in Big Returns!!

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Company: Ista North America offers services for billing, customer management,hosted EDI, and on-demand information exchange for energy companies of any size.
Objective: Increase booth traffic and leads from prior year, as well as increasing sales


Ista North America, trade show, increase booth traffic, Ghost Chili Promotions

Ista NA faced significant challenges for the Trade Show because the number of show days were shortened and the budget was decreased by 10 percent.The strategy developed for the best way to meet current and potential clients would be to offer them a valuable service right from the moment they stepped off the plane. The idea was to create the ista CAR(Client Appreciation Ride). This was a service that would provide attendees with a free ride to the hotel and allow ista 35-45 minutes of drive time in front of their clients. It was the first opportunity for clients to "“look at what ista can do.”

A pre-show invite went out to selected clients. As they expressed interest, they were sent a confirmation letter along with a unique branded luggage tag. ista representatives could be found at the airport wearing their istaCAR t-shirts. Once on the bus, clients were greeted with ista-branded Mardi Gras beads and refreshments. The success of this initial program was measured by being able to track pre-show interest and reached more than 1,000 attendees.

The ability to include the luggage tag in the mailers and then lead them to the show allowed face time to provide product information and education prior to the start of the show. They even found new and potential clients in the airport through the advertising of the shirts and luggage tags in a public and highly populated area. More branded luggage tags were distributed during the show allowing for maximum brand exposure.

Attendees were encouraged to enter the ista booth to play the money toss game. The purpose of the game was to see how much money is flushed away without ista’s services. Two people competed at a time to see who could toss the most play money into a toilet. Everyone who played the game won a pair of ista-branded sunglasses along with a branded microfiber case for cleaning and carrying them. this also incorporated the “see” theme. Winners were announced every hour and they received a branded Energy Management tip book.


780 leads/contacts were gathered in the booth in two days, a 42% increase from the previous year. Combining all the different tools used in the booth, there were a total of 2,336 booth experiences, a 121% increase over the previous year. Average time spent with clients increased. 165 clients were entertained individually for 35-45 minutes as a result of the istaCAR idea. There were 5 main stations in the booth. The average time spent at the ista booth was 33 minutes, a 20-minute average time increase from the previous year.

Measured ROI at the end of the year showed this
exhibit increased sales by more than $150,000.

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