Jack Daniels Drives Consumers to Increase Sales by 46%!!

Jack Daniels Drives Consumers to Increase Sales by 46%!!

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Company: Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels’ company store is both marketing and sales. Consumers who could not shop at the brick-and-mortar Lynchburg General Store can purchase their souvenirs online. Unfortunately this merchandising mix wasn’t fulfilling the consumer’s wants.


  1. To obtain a 30-percent increase in sales through a combination marketing and merchandising program

  2. To refresh a stagnant site through creative and audience appropriate product selection

  3. To craft a marketing campaign that would induce the data base to return and try the revamped site

  4. To develop an exclusive line of licensed products.

Jack Daniels Company Store, increase sales, engage customers, Ghost Chili PromotionsStrategy:

The purpose of this consumer campaign was to drive site visits and sales. The strategy was to rework the merchandise selection, providing licensed product, and increasing audience response by incorporating the store as an element in a marketing campaign.To increase sales, a plan was implemented that included merchandise with retail appeal and the marketing outreach to bring in and engage consumers. An exclusive line of products was developed and only available through the online store or brick and mortar. The purpose was to differentiate the online store and the Lynchburg General Store from other retailers.

The marketing plan targeted the Jack Daniel’s data base and demographic consumer through a series of seasonal and event specific e-mail campaigns that provided reasons to celebrate, i.e. Father’s Day, tailgating, holiday, barbecue and Jack Daniel’s birthday. The holiday e-blast generated the greatest site activity topping 4,000 site visits. Banner ads, strategically placed on the store website, promoted these opportunities. Challenged to keep the merchandise fresh, a virtual suggestion box was created to capture consumer input. This resulted in an average of 250 suggestions per quarter, yielding the consumer’s buying patterns and retail trends.


A stagnant site was revived through merchandise selection and marketing. The right product mix opened wallets, delivering an increase in sales. A scheduled marketing plan kept the audience informed and engaged, describing event opportunities for using Jack Daniel’s beverages and branded merchandise. In addition to increasing sales by 46 percent over the previous year, a line of exclusive licensed products was developed. Sixty percent are now available for purchase online and at the Lynchburg General Store

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