Marketing Automation: Turns Gym into Franchisor!

Marketing Automation: Turns Gym into Franchisor!

Marketing Automation:  Turns Gym into Franchisor! 
Birmingham based, Iron Tribe Fitness provides fitness and nutritional information, classes and athletic programs to both children and adults while actively contributing to charities. 

Challenge:  Iron Tribe Fitness lacked a way to effectively manage and nurture the leads they acquired through traditional advertising, referrals and walk-ins. Furthermore, they had no system in place to acquire leads online. They wanted to obtain more quality online leads through automated processes, while  nurturing the leads they acquired through traditional methods.Iron Tribe Fitness


Solution:  Marketing Automation was the missing link. By implementing the software, Iron Tribe gained the tools they needed to capitalize on their sales and marketing efforts. MA offered simplified and strategic access to data, which saved time and increased revenue. Additionally, implementing one solution across all their locations allowed the team to increase visibility into all business and marketing matters.


 “In just one click,” says Jim Cavale COO, “we can push the same content we send via email to social directly from MA. This means we reach more prospective clients and increase brand awareness.”


Results:  With Marketing Automation, Iron Tribe Fitness achieved $3 million in revenue in 2012, experiencing a 310 percent growth in revenue and 200 percent growth in employees. Additionally, the company exceeded its goal of selling 10 franchises by the end of 2012.

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