Paperless Loyalty Punch Cards

Paperless Loyalty Punch Cards

Paperless Loyalty Punch Cards?
What Will We Think of Next?

Tag2Punch™ is a virtual punch card that allows redemption of a free product/service after ‘X’ have been purchased.  It has the custom look and feel of your business and comes with many features.

Your customers show the punch card screen of their phones at the time of purchase and your cashier/rep then taps it with their finger and entTag2Punch Program



ers your secret code.

The great thing is that it’s not a mobile app that must be download


ed to your customers’ phones.  They interact through their cellphone’s browser, so interaction is immediate.



 How Does it Work? 

  1. Advertise your digital punch card with QR codes, SMS, mobile ads, or at point of purchase
  2. Your audience responds and scans the code to land at your registration page.
  3. They register themselves! While you're at it, have them ‘Like’ your Facebook page or answer a couple survey questions – it’s all included in the app
  4. Your cashier can touch the punch icon and enter the code
  5. After your set amount of punches, your customer can then show the screen to redeem. 

Follow up with your customers with engaging emails and SMS.  With our dashboard, we provide deep and precise analytics to allow you to separate your customers by frequency and category, enabling even more targeted offers that appeal to what they like.


For more creative product ideas or additional loyalty programs, contact your Ghost Chili Affiliate!Rhett Hott