Plug-in to Mobile Advertising!

Plug-in to Mobile Advertising!

The world has gone mobile. Since 70% of people utilize their mobile device to do web searches and check email, why not target the mobile device as an advertising vehicle.  But, how?


Everybody has a different type of phone or case or way they use their tablet or smartphone.  Why not give out a promotional item that targets all the above with a custom shaped Screen Wipe with Jack Plug?Screen Swipe with Phone Jack


The Screen Wipe is only 1.25” in diameter, but will come in any shape you desire andwith your full color logo.  The jack plug keeps it securely with the mobile device, so a clean screen (and your brand) is never far away!


Your clients can “Wipe away concerns…” or “Clean Up” on the competition


There are several packaging options to help deliver your message most effectively.  For a promotion that will last, try the Screen Swipe with Jack Plug.



500          1000          2500          5000

1.19           0.89           0.76           0.66

Full Color Set-up: $100



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