Should You Care About Deal Flow?

Should You Care About Deal Flow?

Should You Care About Deal Flow?

Have you every read Jeff Bezos book, “The Everything Store?"  It is a great read for any entrepreneur or marketing person. Bezos took something as simple as selling books and flipped the whole industry upside down. Think about it, he made billions of dollars selling in a highly competitive industry.  

That is what makes him different then say a Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or even a Mark Cuban. Bezos did not invent a new product; he just took a product, married it with the internet and offered a new and profitable way of doing business! 

Jeff had a background in the financial sector as an IT guy for a very successful 

Deal Flow?

stock trader. During that time he came across a term that stuck in his head and mine, and that phrase was DEAL FLOW!

Stock traders are always looking for new avenues of deal flow or sources of revenue!  What are your pipelines of deal flow? Are you depending on one channel of deal flow or do you have a cross channel marketing strategy to increase your deal flow? 

Outside of buying a new business, there are only 3 ways to grow you business. Simple but not easy! But if you develop a strategy for DEAL FLOW around these 3 ways, and commit to executing the strategy, you will be successful!

  1. Increase your number of customers
  2. Increase your average transaction value per customer
  3. Increase the number of transactions per customer

Simple?  But very hard to execute!


Simply put, this is what the 1% do everyday. They don’t let any distractions get in the way. They know what it means to highly effective with their time. 

As you know, Ghost Chili Promotions is about making the time you spend selling highly effective by utilizing Dimensional Mail married with Automated Marketing! 

Today you need to get peoples attention and build that curiosity. Until that happens, you will never get a chance to pull off increasing your number of customers.

To get peoples attention you to know your customer. You need to ask questions or do some research to get answers. But what questions do you ask?

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If you are interested in developing your own DEAL FLOW:  Contact your Ghost Chili Affiliate for more information!

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