Stimulate Retail Sales of Bottled Water.

Stimulate Retail Sales of Bottled Water.

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COMPANY: Sparkletts
OBJECTIVE: Stimulate retail sales of bottled water.

For companies that sell product through grocery stores, shelf facings are crucial. It's not just how much shelf space the store allows for the product, it's equally the "eye level" position of those facings.

Stimulate retail sales of bottled water. To generate more prominent facings for its retail bottled water, Sparkletts launched a self-liquidator promotion that offered a collectible replica Sparkletts truck bank for payment plus proof of purchase of Sparkletts retail bottled water.

The program was supported with an FSI (free-standing insert) in Sunday newspapers and coupon and order form shelf talkers in the bottled water aisle and at the checkstand in major supermarkets.

Prior to the promotion, Sparkletts representatives and brokers met with store managers to secure approval for placement of the shelf talkers and "elevate" product presence on the shelves.

The purchase price of the collectible truck bank ultimately covered program expenses and actually produced a small profit. More importantly, though, it stimulated a dramatic increase in retail sales.

A collectible self-liquidator -- in B2C and B2B -- can be a win-win in promoting sales, image, message, and market presence!

NOTE: Most store managers asked for a truck bank, which Sparkletts was happy to provide. Shelf
facings and product presence remained prominent long after the promotion had ended.

Collectible truck bank sold
out in less than 2 months!

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