Support for Commission of USS Independence

Support for Commission of USS Independence

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COMPANY: Mobile Council Navy League
OBJECTIVE: Support for Commission of USS Independence

Contrary to popular opinion, much of the financial and non-military-personnel support for an event honoring the commission of a U.S. Navy vessel is not provided by the federal government. 

Pending the commission of the USS Independence, the non-governmental Mobile Council Navy League launched into action.

The objectives were myriad: Call attention to the commissioning of the ship; raise funds to promote and support the event; recognize the many volunteers as well as crew, VIPS, and dignitaries; increase awareness and visibility; and serve as a lasting reminder of the event and its significance to the area, the Navy, and the U.S.

Promotional products included windsocks, badges, high-perceived value crystal keepsakes, exclusive hats, collectables, custom chocolates, and a host of other "collector" items used in dimensional promo mailers and as gifts for levels of donation and participation. Attendees included not only government representatives and military brass but also top executives from the shipbuilding industry and key members of the community.

At Ghost Chili Promotions, we don't just care about selling profit-generating products and programs. Like the Mobile Council Navy League, we put extreme value on patriotism...and helping to honor and support the men and women of our Armed Forces!

Fundraising achieved
114% of goal...and nearly 100%
registered attendance in pouring rain!

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