The Gratitude Effect!

The Gratitude Effect!

The Gratitude Effect! 

Take some time to thank your employees, customers’, prospects and vendors. It’ll benefit your bottom line more then you realize. A Harvard Study shows that the ROI on simply saying “thank you” goes a long way – not only in better profits but building strong relationships!


Saying “thank you” at the holidays is one of the most difficult things a business can do. If you give apparel you have to worry about sizes, if you give electronics you have to worry about the generation of the person you are giving it to. And if you give a gift card, it’s nice and people can spend it on anything they  like, but it just doesn’t seam like you put a lot of thought in your choice. So what is it you are looking  for:

  • Convenience! Instead of sending an employee to a local retail store, or having an employee spend hour on the internet trying to find that right gift, you can purchase your food gifts from you Ghost Chili Promotions Expert.
  • Gifts from Maple Ridge Farms promote your company and brand, not ours.
  • Value driven pricing.
  • Fresher gifts taste better (and say something nice about the sender).  Our gifts are packed to order just before the order is shipped!
  • We can arrange for shipment to you or directly  to each recipient
  • No catalogs or promotional literature in your client’s gifts.
  • Maple Ridge Farms will build customized gifts to meet your tastes, promotion or budget.
  • No Risk….because all gifts come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Maple Ridge Farms is the place for you! Combining Nostology and MemoriesMaple Ridge Farm Promotion all in one gift! Delicious Candies, nuts, cheeses and meats all from one supplier. Along with all this delicious freshness, Maple Ridge Farms has designed some of the most memorable keepsakes in the industry! Why send out a box of Russell Stover Chocolates with their name on it when you can BRAND treats with your name!

When you are sending a thank you out at the Holidays, don’t you want to stand out with your brand. You can with Maple Ridge Farms.


Faux Leather Pen & Pencil Cup with Chocolate Covered Almonds

Product Color:  Black, 

Imprint:  Debossed 

Minimum order:  24 

Price Range:  $25.95 - $24.95


If you would like to see some more of the finest gifts available please click here!

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