The Secret to Engaging Your Audience and Capturing Sales Leads While Speaking in Public

The Secret to Engaging Your Audience and Capturing Sales Leads While Speaking in Public

The Secret to Engaging Your Audience and Capturing Sales Leads While Speaking in Public 

Public speaking is one of the best lead magnets that you could use. Since our first day in pre-school, we were told that the person (teacher) in front of the classroom is the authority and we need to pay attention.  This is ingrained into our psyche, so even though we may know that this is not always true, we will still grant the speaker instant creditability.


So everyone needs to jump at the chance to speak at any local service group, conference, or any other organization. Build your creditability, and as people will view you to have experience, they will purchase your product and/or provide you information when asked. PT Barnum was asked once why he was so successful; he replied that everything he did was an event, and people love to buy at events!


There are a number of people that really don’t have books, CD’s, potions or vitamins to sell. This creates a great excuse. We say, "My business is different; there is no reason why I should be doing speeches!"  Oh, but there is - this is one of the best places to pick up leads for you and your sales force. Let’s take a look at the story of Rhett Hott!


Rhett was a marketing strategist. He helped B2B organizations systemize their marketing and selling process through dimensional mail and automated follow up. One of his very happy customers asked him to do a presentation on capturing leads from his website to his Rotary Club.


Rhett thought this would be a great opportunity to pick up some new leads! So he thought; what would be the best way to capture that information and follow up? If you have done some 'lunch and learn' formats, the people that might be interested don’t always have time to stay and visit. You could always put pen and paper on the table, but people might forget about filling it out, or maybe they just haven’t really decided to give up there contact information because they are not sure they want to participate! Besides, when you gather information via old school pen and paper (which still needs to be done) you have to gather the cards, go back to the office, manually input the data and start you manual follow up! Or you could utilize our Text2PDFservices from Ghost Chili.  Here is how it works!

Rhett decides he would like to utilize a white paper to give more information to the audience. He doesn’t want to lay out a bunch or printed copies. That would be a waste of print plus he wouldn’t know who is interested in the program.

Rhett decideRhett Hott Speakings to do aText2PDF from Ghost Chili Promotions. During the presentation Rhett would like to capture the names of the people that are excited about his presentation. He reads the audience and see’s it is time to announce; “OK everyone, please pull out your smart phones. I have this special offer, a great white paper entitled “Using your Website to Capture Leads” This is free to you and all you have to do isText the key word Ghost to 80464. 80464 is the text number you dial, and in the body of the text type in “GHOST” in a few minutes a link will then be texted back to you, click on the link and fill out the information and a PDF file will be emailed to you shortly.”


You have now captured the prospects information and you can start them on a automated drip campaign. For the few folks that might not have a smart phone, they can fill out the forms on the desk and you will email them the white paper.


So if you are interested in our white paper “Using Your Website to Capture Leads” all you have to do is text the key word Ghost 80464 and see the magic of our Text2PDF!


If you would like to have your own Text2PDF promotion, please contact your Ghost Chili Affiliate!