The Smile Factor

The Smile Factor

The Smile Factor

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Americans work an average of 7.7 hours on the days they worked. That means a person spends 1950 hours a year at work. You better have some fun or your work life can become mundane! So as B2B sales and marketing professionals it is our duty to bring a smiles to the workplace.

What is the main reason people buy? Unfortunately there is not a simple answer! There are many reasons;  and you need to really take a strategic look at your customers, prospects, products, and services and really dig for a magnetic marketing strategy. That being said; what is it that really opens up a prospect and gets them to want to consider you and your company?


SMILE – HAPPINESS – HUMOR – FUNNY – PLEASURE – In other words just getting someone to say, now that’s funny – how unique – I never have seen anything like this before! This my friend, will get your prospect or customer to open up and become curious about you and your company.

Whether you are trying to get that first appointment - nurture prospects – up-sell – get referrals, if you can get a smile you have opened up that prospect to consider you proposition! People deal with people they like! Going from curiosity, to building credibility, to trusting you is what everyone has to go through.

Ghost Chili Promotions Automated Marketing

Dimensional Mail through Ghost Chili Promotions! Product + Copy = Smile and Openness!



We specialize with the creative and out of the box thinking that will get those smiles and connection with your clients! From Chia plants to WD-40, mini plungers to duct tape the list is endless.  

But remember it's all about the copy and headlines, and that is where Ghost Chili Promotions is HOT! 


If you would like some hot ideas for your referral and loyalty programs, door openers, old client campaigns or just to say thanks! contact your Ghost Chili Promotions affiliate.  We put it all together from the copy to the packaging. 

Sell Today……Profit Tomorrow!

If you are interested in developing your own custom program withGhost Chili Promotions Smile Factor

 the "smile factor"  Contact your Ghost Chili Affiliate!