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Trade Show Magic, Increase Leads, Increase Sales, Automated Follow-upWe've all been to 100’s of trade shows as an exhibitor, sponsor and attendee. Pre-2008 trade shows were like gold. You showed up and it was a successful show. You got your leads, wrote business, and everything was good. The boss didn’t really question the budget too much.

Post 2008: The “New Normal” business was stagnant, new and repeat business is harder to come by. Everyone ask, "Is the trade show worth going to?" "What kind of ROI can we expect?" All these questions are being asked today!

It's reported now that the economy is getting better and business is growing. Trade show attendance is up so why do we need to fine tune our strategy? This is a shaky recovery at best, so why not really pull together an outstanding strategy for successful trade show campaigns.

Most companies have a philosophy 'if we build it, they will come' or 'our competition's here so we need to be here'! Do you really want to gamble the thousand’s of dollars that it costs just to go to a trade show? Here's an industry statistic will shock you.

“80% of the leads that come from a trade show
are never followed up properly!”

Most people have no strategy to follow up with all those golden leads. I spoke to my brother who is in the non-profit sector. He attends 2-3 trade shows a year as an attendee. I asked him how often do you get any follow up when you visit a booth and show interest in the product. His answer was “almost never”! Now this is anecdotal evidence, but I think this more often the rule than the exception.

So here is the Secret Power of Trade Show Magic. We guarantee that if you follow our simple formula, you will at least double your ROI!

Pre-show Planning and Promotion

  1. Defining a Win
  2. What is a good lead or prospect?
  3. Define how much each lead or prospect is worth to your company?
  4. What type of exposure are you looking for?
  5. How many of your current customers do you want to connect with?
  6. What are the 3-5 qualifying questions you want them to answer?
  7. Develop your automated follow up system (See below).

In-show Promotion and Management

  1. You have 3-5 minutes with each new prospect, make the most of it!
  2. Going viral, what is it you can do to get attention at the show
  3. Be the talk of the show
  4. Get out and network, network, network!

Post-show, this is the payoff! This is where all the Magic happens!

  1. Download the Trade Show Magic automated marketing modelExecute your 7-12 step follow up program. (Click HERE to download the “Trade Show Magic Customer Relationship Model)”
  2. Close The Sale!
  3. Add your new client to your long-term nurture campaign

We'd like to help you have the best sales year ever by maximizing and leveraging your trade show dollar. At Ghost Chili Promotions, we have a proven traffic record of driving business. Utilize us to:

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Double your success
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